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"We are exceptionally pleased with our experience at the Delco Swim School.  Our son has made wonderful progress in the past two weeks.  It was amazing to sit in the stands and watch all of the kids dramatically improve. All of the parents in the stands felt similarly.  Thank you for providing this important service to our community. Wishing you all the best with the future of the Delco Swim School."


"I can't thank the Delco Swim School enough for all the hard work you put into helping my daughters.  Not only did they overcome their fear of the water but you gave them confidence to be able to swim on their own. My oldest daughter was especially very hesitant during her time there, as she was so scared to put her head under water.  Her instructor stuck with her, never giving up and little by little she overcame that fear.  I have to say, she is no longer scared of the water.  In fact, she is now swimming and diving for toys underwater, something I never thought would happen.  Thank you again!"



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