Skill Levels



Beginner – Any child 4-5 years old who cannot swim across the pool on his/her back is considered a beginner.  Beginners must be fully potty trained for at least 6 months prior to the start of lessons. 

Goal: Jump in, surface on back, and swim 10 yards without assistance.


Advanced Beginner – Children will work on freestyle skills with proper rhythmic breathing.  Backstroke will also be introduced. If your child is 6 or older and lacks any swimming experience, there will be a group of advanced beginners for that specific ability level.  

Goal: Swim freestyle with proper breathing for 10 yards of the pool.


Intermediate – Children will refine freestyle stroke efficiency and endurance to swim 25 yards.  Backstroke and diving are taught and reinforced.

Goal: To swim 25 yards both of freestyle and backstroke using proper technique.


Advanced – Children will work on elements of competitive swimming. In addition to freestyle and backstroke, this level will work on breaststroke, butterfly, starts, and turns.

        Goal: To prepare for competitive swimming








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