Skill Levels



Beginner – Any child 4-5 years old who cannot swim across the pool on his/her back is considered a beginner.  Beginners must be fully potty trained for at least 6 months prior to the start of lessons. 

Goal: Jump in, surface on back, and swim 10 yards without assistance.


Advanced Beginner – Children will work on freestyle skills with proper rhythmic breathing.  Backstroke will also be introduced. If your child is 6 or older and lacks any swimming experience, there will be a group of advanced beginners for that specific ability level.  

Goal: Swim freestyle with proper breathing for 10 yards of the pool.






In order to be accurately placed into the Intermediate or Advanced levels, the participant needs to attend an evaluation.  If a participant was already in the Intermediate or Advanced level last year, they do not need to attend. By the end of the evaluation session, parents/guardians will be notified which level to register their participant for on Friday, March 1st via Ticket Tailor. However, the ADVANCED level will not register on Ticket Tailor.  We will only be taking requests for this group via email, and the director will be registering those swimmers.


If a child DOES NOT get evaluated for the Intermediate or Advanced levels and is incorrectly registered by the parent/guardian, there be NO REFUNDS and NO PLACEMENT for the participant.




Intermediate– Children will refine freestyle stroke efficiency and endurance to swim 25 yards.  Backstroke and diving are taught and reinforced.

Goal: To swim 25 yards both of freestyle and backstroke using proper technique.


Advanced – Children will work on elements of competitive swimming. In addition to freestyle and backstroke, this level will work on breaststroke, butterfly, starts, and turns.

        Goal: To prepare for competitive swimming








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