Frequently Asked Questions

Are these parent-child classes?

No. Parents are not permitted in the water or on the pool deck during lessons.  You are welcome to watch from the pool balcony.  At times the more they see you, the more tempted they are to want to leave the lesson. 


What if my child gets upset when the instructor comes to pick him or her up?

This is extremely common. Don't linger.  Hand the child off to the instructor and walk away.  We will work through the fussiness. By giving in, the child learns that he/she can fuss to get his/her way.  This is your opportunity to teach them that sometimes you have to do things even if you don't want to.  The end result will be worth it!


If I have two children at the same skill level, can they be in the same class?

No. Certainly sign them up for the same time slot; however, it's not helpful to their progress for them to be in the same class.


Why are there so many lessons in such a short amount of time?

Our methodology prides itself on consistency and progress.  In order to form a habit, a skill must be reinforced over and over within a short amount of time.  We understand your schedules are busy.  If you invest the time, you will see results!





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